Notenkrakers' notulen (2020)

(Nutcracker's Minutes)

Soprano solo and orchestra: 2222-2220 timp, 2 perc, pf/cel, hp, str

Commissioned by the Royal Concertgebouworkest


Gamut (2020)

Chamber Orchestra: 2222-2210 timp, 1perc, str

Commissioned by Holland Festival



Voetnoten bij de menselijke komedie: Mijmeringen van Arnon Grunberg (2017; rev. 2019)

(Footnotes by the human comedy: Musings by Arnon Grunberg)

Mixed choir and symphony orchestra: 3333-4231 timp, 3perc, pf, str

Commissioned by the NTR ZaterdagMatinee


The Dreamcatcher (2018)
Symphony orchestra: 3333-4331 timp, 3perc, pf, cel, 2hp, str
Commissioned by the Dutch National Student Orchestra

Leonard Bernstein, Security Matter – C (2017)

Voice and wind quintet

Commissioned by the Royal Concertgebouworkest


Balance of Power for percussion solo and orchestra (2016)
Percussion solo and symphony orchestra: 2222-2200 timp, hp, str
Commissioned by the Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra (Nesko) for Niek Kleinjan


The Pillars of Creation (2015)
Symphony Orchestra: 3333-4331 timp, 1perc, pf, str
First Prize Euregio Youth Orchestra Composition Competition 2015


Schimmenspel (2014)
Symphony Orchestra: 2222 2alt sax.-2210, 1perc, str
Commissioned by Ricciotti Ensemble


Keep it Tight and Carry On (2014)
Violin solo, with short film by
 Jonathan Elbers
written for Alicia Berendse


Foreign Body (2014)
Symphony Orchestra: 3333-4331 timp, 4perc, pf, cel, hp, str
Commissioned by 
VU-Orchestra Amsterdam


Lente/Festina (2013)
Violin and accordion
Commissioned by the 
Van Amsterdam Duo


Aurora (2013)
Alto flute, violin, harp, mezzo-soprano
Dedicated to 
Borealis Trio and Marije Roos


Quintet for Percussion and Piano (2012)
Four percussionists and piano


Echo: Sonus est, qui vivit in illa (2012)
Symphony Orchestra: 4444-4331 timp, 4perc, 2hp, str.
Dedicated to the Noordhollands Jeugdorkest, on the occasion of their fiftieth anniversary


Uncontrolled (2009-2011)
Piano solo
Dedicated to Daan Kortekaas


Mental Hospital Blues (2011)
Piano solo
Dedicated to Marcel Worms


Nederland Ruimt Op (2010)
Violin solo
Music for the short film ‘Nederland Ruimt Op’  to protest austerity measures on culture


Trio (2010)
Oboe, clarinet, bassoon
Dedicated to the Canja Ensemble


Romanza (2010)
Violin and piano
Dedicated to Alicia Berendse


Symfonische Maskers (2009)
Symphony orchestra: 3333-4331 timp, 3perc, pf, 2hp, str.
Dedicated to the Noordhollands Jeugdorkest


Con Moto (2008)
String quartet


Scherzo I (2007)
fl, ob, cl/bass cl, trp, 1perc, vl, vla, vlc, cb


Scherzo II (2007)
fl, ob, cl/bass cl, trp, vl, vla, vlc, cb



De Paradijsvogel (2006, rev. 2010)
2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bsn, 2hrn, 2trp, 2tbn, 2perc, pf